Top 9 Best Commercial Espresso Machine Reviews in 2024


In the fast-paced world of coffee culture, nothing quite compares to the rich aroma and bold flavor of a perfectly brewed espresso. For cafes, restaurants, and businesses alike, investing in a top-quality commercial espresso machine is not just a luxury but a crucial step towards delivering a premium coffee experience to customers.

From busy coffee shops to gourmet restaurants, the demand for commercial-grade espresso machines has surged, giving rise to a vast array of options on the market. However, with such a wide selection available, finding the ideal espresso machine that suits your business needs can be an overwhelming task.

Fear not, as we have undertaken the quest to uncover the crème de la crème of commercial espresso machines. In this comprehensive review, we present you with our handpicked selection of the top 9 best commercial espresso machines available.

Each machine featured in this list has been meticulously evaluated based on key factors such as performance, build quality, brewing capabilities, and user-friendliness.

Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a business owner seeking to elevate your coffee offerings, our list aims to help you make an informed decision. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of professional espresso machines and discover the perfect one that will revolutionize your coffee venture.

Get ready to savor the aroma, embrace the sophistication, and unlock the full potential of your coffee business with these exceptional commercial espresso machines.

Best Commercial Espresso Machine



Introducing the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine: Elevating Home Coffee Brewing to Perfection

When it comes to indulging in the art of specialty coffee at the comfort of your home, the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine stands as a beacon of excellence. Embracing the principles of third-wave coffee culture, this remarkable machine follows the 4 keys formula to deliver a coffee experience that rivals your favorite local coffee shop.

A proud member of the renowned Barista Series, the Barista Express combines all-in-one convenience with the mastery of an integrated grinder, allowing you to transform whole beans into a delightful espresso in less than a minute.

Precision and versatility define the heart of the Barista Express, evident in its 16 grind settings that cater to your desired coffee fineness. The manual removable magnetic tamper further empowers you to craft the perfect espresso shot with effortless control over the tamping process.

With the Barista Express, achieving the optimal water pressure for extraction becomes an art form. Its low-pressure pre-infusion gently builds up pressure at the onset, ensuring a harmonious extraction of flavors, ultimately presenting a well-balanced and captivating cup of coffee.

Temperature plays a pivotal role in the world of espresso, and the Barista Express has it mastered. Thanks to its digital temperature control (PID), the machine precisely delivers water at the perfect temperature, extracting the very essence of your coffee for a divine sensory experience.

For those who crave the indulgence of velvety microfoam milk, the Barista Express is equipped with a powerful steam wand. This manual microfoam milk texturing capability grants you the power to enhance flavor and create exquisite latte art, making every cup feel like a work of art.

Navigating the world of coffee beans becomes effortless with the Barista Express’ grind size dial. With a simple twist, you can easily adjust the grind size to suit any coffee bean type, ensuring a consistent and customized brewing experience.

Streamlining your espresso-making journey, the innovative grinding cradle allows you to grind directly into the espresso portafilter, ensuring a seamless process from bean to cup. It’s one of Best Commercial Espresso Machine.

The Breville Barista Express doesn’t stop at delivering top-notch espresso; it comes equipped with a range of accessories to elevate your barista skills.

Included are the Razor Dose Trimming Tool, 54mm Stainless Steel Portafilter, 1 & 2 cup Single & Dual Wall Filter Baskets, Coffee Scoop, Integrated Tamper, Stainless Steel Milk Jug, Cleaning Disc, Tablets, Brush Tool & Allen Key, Water Filter & Holder—everything you need to create masterful coffee creations.

The machine’s capacity and settings further enhance its appeal. A 1/2 lb Bean Hopper and a generous 67 oz Water Tank ensure you’re well-equipped for continuous brewing. Whether you desire single or double shots, the adjustable grind amount and manual override allow you to cater to your preferences effortlessly.

Rest assured, Breville stands by the quality of their creation with a 1-Year Limited Product Warranty. Powering the Barista Express is a robust 1600 Watts, making it a reliable addition to your coffee-brewing arsenal.

In conclusion, the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine is a masterpiece that elevates the craft of home coffee brewing to new heights. Its precision, integrated grinder, and impressive features make it a go-to choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking a professional-grade experience in the comfort of their kitchen.

With the Barista Express by your side, savoring the allure of specialty coffee becomes an everyday indulgence.

Pros of the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine:

  1. Comprehensive All-in-One Solution: The Barista Express offers an integrated grinder, streamlining the brewing process from whole beans to espresso in under a minute. This convenient feature saves time and counter space, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a complete espresso-making solution.
  2. Customizable Grind Settings: With 16 precision grind settings, users have the flexibility to adjust the fineness of their coffee grounds, allowing them to cater to different coffee bean types and achieve their preferred flavor profiles.
  3. Optimal Espresso Extraction: The machine’s digital temperature control (PID) ensures that water is delivered at precisely the right temperature for optimal espresso extraction, resulting in a rich and flavorful cup of coffee every time.
  4. Manual Microfoam Milk Texturing: The powerful steam wand enables users to hand texture microfoam milk, granting the ability to create latte art and enhance the overall flavor and texture of milk-based espresso drinks.
  5. High-Quality Build and Accessories: The Breville Barista Express comes with a range of stainless steel accessories, including a portafilter, filter baskets, and a milk jug. These high-quality components contribute to the machine’s durability and enhance the overall coffee-making experience.


  1. Learning Curve for Beginners: While the machine offers a rewarding brewing experience, it may present a learning curve for first-time espresso machine owners. Achieving consistent and top-tier results may take time and practice, especially for those new to home brewing and espresso science.



Introducing the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine: Elevating Home Brewing to Perfection with Automation and Precision

Brewing the perfect espresso is an art that demands precision at every stage. From the fineness of the grind to the tamping pressure, even the slightest variations can impact the quality of your brew. Enter the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine, a masterpiece of modern engineering that brings third wave specialty coffee straight to your home.

With its intuitive touch screen operation, achieving your favorite coffee drinks – be it espresso, long black, latte, flat white, or cappuccino – is as simple as a swipe and select. The Oracle Touch is designed to cater to both coffee aficionados and beginners, delivering a seamless coffee-making experience.

At the heart of this exceptional machine lies the Dose Control feature, where an integrated conical burr grinder expertly grinds, doses, and tamps 18-22 grams of coffee, emulating the precision of a commercial espresso machine found in your favorite cafe. It’s one of Best Commercial Espresso Machine.

To ensure a balanced and flavorful espresso shot, the Breville Oracle Touch boasts a digital temperature control (PID) technology, guaranteeing that the water temperature remains at the optimal range throughout the brewing process.

Furthermore, the machine incorporates an Over Pressure Valve (OPV), an invaluable commercial feature that regulates maximum pressure during extraction. This results in a prevention of bitter flavors in the coffee shot, providing you with consistently delightful brews.

The true low pressure pre-infusion gradually expands the grinds, promoting an even extraction that extracts the finest flavors from your coffee grounds.

Indulge in the rich, sweet milk that complements your espresso flawlessly with the Oracle Touch’s Microfoam Milk Texturing.

Powered by a dedicated steam boiler, the steam wand automatically textures milk to your preferred temperature, producing barista-quality silky micro-foam that enhances the overall coffee experience. And the best part? The steam wand even cleans itself, making your coffee-making journey hassle-free.

Behind the scenes, the Breville Oracle Touch employs a Triple Heat System, comprising a dedicated steam boiler with integrated Heat Exchange for thermal stability, a dedicated espresso boiler with Digital PID control for precise water temperature, and a heated group head PID controlled embedded element for consistent thermal performance.

The Oracle Touch grants you ultimate customization with 5 pre-programmed favorites accessible through the touch screen. Additionally, you can create, save, and name 8 personalized coffee settings, ensuring each cup is tailored to your exact preferences.

Adjust the grind control, program milk temperature and texture, and choose between one or two shots of espresso, all at your fingertips.

Crafted with durable brushed stainless steel and stainless steel dual boilers, the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine is built to stand the test of time, backed by a 1-Year Repair Warranty, reflecting Breville’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Embrace the epitome of home coffee brewing with the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine, where automation meets precision, and the essence of third wave specialty coffee is always just a touch away.

Pros of the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine:

  1. Exquisite Design and Elegance: The machine’s elegant appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any home or kitchen setting, making it a visually pleasing addition to your countertop.
  2. Excellent Coffee Quality: Users have reported that the Oracle Touch consistently produces exceptional coffee, exceeding expectations and rivaling the flavors found in professional cafes. Its versatility allows for a variety of coffee drinks to suit different preferences.
  3. Intuitive Touch Screen Operation: The touch screen interface makes operating the machine a breeze, providing easy access to a range of features and coffee settings. Once users become familiar with the interface, brewing their favorite beverages becomes a seamless process.
  4. Abundance of Features: With multiple pre-programmed options and the ability to customize up to 8 coffee settings, the Oracle Touch offers an impressive array of features that cater to individual tastes and preferences, ensuring a personalized coffee experience.
  5. Eliminates the Need for Coffee Shops: Owning the Breville Oracle Touch means enjoying professional-grade coffee from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to visit coffee shops during harsh winter months or at any time of the year.


  1. Learning Curve: While the Oracle Touch offers a user-friendly experience once the manual is thoroughly read and some video guides are watched, it may still require a learning curve for new users to fully grasp all the functionalities and achieve optimal results. Regular maintenance and cleaning are also recommended to ensure the machine’s longevity.



Introducing the Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8: Elevate Your Coffee Experience with One-Touch Precision

Experience barista-quality coffee indulgence at your fingertips with the Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8 – one of Best Commercial Espresso Machine. This remarkable machine offers an impressive selection of 12 specialty coffee beverages, including the perfect espresso, all crafted with JURA’s exclusive Pulse Extraction Process.

From rich coffee and creamy cappuccino to velvety flat white and enticing latte macchiato, prepare your favorite drinks effortlessly with just a simple touch of a button.

Fueling your coffee journey is the fast and precise AromaG3 conical burr grinder, expertly grinding whole coffee beans to the optimum fineness, ensuring a delightful and aromatic brew every time.

As champions of eco-friendliness, JURA remains committed to delivering freshly ground coffee, rejecting the use of wasteful capsules. Revel in the rich taste of your beverages without unnecessary waste, as this single-serve machine lets you savor the essence of every cup.

Designed with office use in mind, the Jura WE8 is the ideal companion for small offices and self-serve coffee bars, catering to your workplace’s coffee needs seamlessly.

Impressive capacity accompanies the WE8, boasting a 101-ounce water tank and a generous 17.6-ounce bean container, minimizing the need for frequent refills and ensuring continuous coffee enjoyment.

Included with the Jura WE8 are essential components, making your coffee experience complete.

From the machine itself in its elegant chrome finish to the power cord, water tank, milk pipe, drip tray, grounds container, bean container cover, container for milk system cleaning, measuring spoon for ground coffee, and hot water nozzle—everything you need to embark on your coffee-making journey.

The Jura WE8 is more than just a professional machine; its intuitive operation with a modern tuft color display ensures that even amateurs can master the art of crafting specialty coffees effortlessly.

Whether you’re in a boutique hotel, an upscale shop, a salon, a gallery, or a small office, the WE8 professional is designed to cater to your coffee desires, brewing up to 30 cups per day.

Indulge in the world of coffee sophistication with the Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8, where one touch unveils a symphony of flavors, elevating your coffee experience to new heights.


  1. Convenience: A good coffee machine offers incredible convenience by allowing users to brew their favorite coffee beverages at home with just the touch of a button. This saves time and effort, eliminating the need to visit coffee shops for a delicious cup of coffee.
  2. Variety of Coffee Options: Modern coffee machines often come equipped with various settings, enabling users to create a wide range of coffee drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, flat white, and more. This versatility caters to different taste preferences and ensures everyone can enjoy their preferred coffee style.
  3. Consistent Brewing: High-quality coffee machines are designed to maintain consistent brewing temperatures and extraction methods, resulting in reliable and flavorful coffee with each brew. This consistency guarantees that your coffee experience is delightful every time.
  4. Customization: Many coffee machines offer customizable settings, allowing users to adjust the strength of their coffee, the size of their beverage, and other factors to create a personalized cup tailored to their liking.
  5. Cost Savings: Investing in a top-notch coffee machine can lead to long-term cost savings. Instead of purchasing expensive coffee beverages daily, brewing at home can be more economical in the long run, especially for individuals who are passionate about coffee and enjoy multiple cups throughout the day.


The price is quite high.



Introducing the La Pavoni Bar-Star 4V-B Espresso Coffee Machine: Elevating Commercial Espresso to Unparalleled Excellence

Step into the world of authentic Italian craftsmanship with the La Pavoni Bar-Star 4V-B Espresso Coffee Machine, a jewel in the crown of La Pavoni, one of the oldest Italian espresso machine manufacturers established in 1905. Proudly introducing their latest line of NSF-CSA certified commercial espresso machines, the BAR-STAR series, La Pavoni raises the bar for coffee excellence.

What sets the Bar-Star series apart is their exclusive certification, making them the only models sold in the U.S. to carry both the prestigious U.S. and Canadian certifications. This recognition speaks volumes about the machines’ quality, reliability, and compliance with industry standards.

The Bar-Star and Hotel units boast cutting-edge technology, including a 4-position energy-saving power switch that reduces electrical consumption by 33% during night and off-hours, resulting in substantial cost savings for your business.

When it comes to delivering the perfect shot of espresso, thermal stability and pre-infusion are paramount. La Pavoni ensures a constant temperature in the coffee groups, guaranteeing consistent and optimal brewing conditions.

The pre-infusion feature gently saturates the coffee grounds, extracting the full potential of flavors and aromas, delivering a perfectly balanced cup of coffee with each brew. It’s one of Best Commercial Espresso Machine.

Versatility meets functionality as the Bar-Star series comes equipped with desirable features like a second steam wand and a water softener, making them standard equipment on most La Pavoni models. These additions enhance your coffee-making capabilities and ensure you can craft a diverse array of specialty coffee beverages with ease.

When investing in an espresso machine, quality and reliability are paramount. La Pavoni holds nothing back, utilizing brand name components such as Parker solenoids, Sirai pressurstats, and Procon motors, all carrying the coveted NSF marking. This is your guarantee of top-notch construction and performance.

Imported and serviced by European Gift Houseware since 1987, La Pavoni espresso machines are backed by one of the longest warranties in the industry. Your peace of mind is further assured by a nationwide service network of dealers, providing prompt and efficient support whenever needed.

With its Automatic Electronic Dosing system and digital control pad, the Bar-Star 4V-B allows precise dosing for four cup sizes, including continuous brewing and an instant-stop button for ultimate convenience. The hot water jet is easily controlled with a push-button and automatic release, catering to all your brewing requirements.

Exuding elegance and functionality, the Bar-Star 4V-B features groups made with press-forged brass and chrome plated, complete with a vertical infusion chamber and pressurization system to eliminate group dripping. The copper boiler, equipped with front-mounted transversal heat exchangers and injectors for each group, ensures easy access for repairs when necessary.

Indulge in a world of exquisite Italian craftsmanship and elevate your commercial espresso experience with the La Pavoni Bar-Star 4V-B Espresso Coffee Machine, where tradition meets innovation for unparalleled performance.


  1. NSF-CSA Certification: The La Pavoni Bar-Star 4V-B is NSF-CSA certified, meeting stringent industry standards for quality, performance, and safety. This certification ensures that the espresso machine is built to professional-grade specifications, making it suitable for commercial use.
  2. Thermal Stability and Pre-Infusion: With thermal stability in the coffee groups and pre-infusion of the coffee grounds, this espresso machine guarantees consistent and optimal brewing conditions. The result is a perfectly balanced and flavorful cup of coffee with each brew.
  3. Energy-Saving Technology: The 4-position energy-saving power switch reduces electrical consumption by 33% during night and off-hours, leading to significant cost savings for businesses that operate the machine throughout the day.
  4. Dual Steam Wands and Water Softener: The La Pavoni Bar-Star 4V-B comes equipped with two steam wands, allowing baristas to create velvety milk froth for multiple milk-based espresso beverages simultaneously. Additionally, the built-in water softener ensures that the water used for brewing is free from impurities, leading to better-tasting coffee and improved equipment longevity.
  5. Durable Construction: Crafted with press-forged brass and chrome-plated groups, the La Pavoni Bar-Star 4V-B espresso machine is built to withstand heavy usage in a commercial setting. The quality components and construction ensure the machine’s longevity and consistent performance over time.

I provided five pros based on the information available about the La Pavoni Bar-Star 4V-B Espresso Coffee Machine. If you have specific features you’d like to highlight or need additional details, feel free to let me know!



Introducing the Nuova Simonelli Appia II Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Machine: Elevate Your Coffee Experience to New Heights

Experience the epitome of excellence with the Nuova Simonelli Appia II Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Machine. With its cutting-edge features and advanced technology, the Appia II redefines the art of espresso-making, catering to both volumetric and manual dosing preferences. It’s one of Best Commercial Espresso Machine.

The Appia II boasts a host of features designed to deliver the perfect cup of espresso. Automatic boiler fill ensures a constant supply of hot water, while soft pre-infusion gently saturates the coffee grounds for a flawless extraction. The built-in rotary pump guarantees consistent pressure and reliable performance, while direct plumbing with a drain simplifies setup and maintenance.

Designed for efficiency and precision, this espresso machine features volumetric dosing for consistent shot volumes, along with manual dosing for those seeking complete control over their brews. Its raised group heads and stainless steel construction exude durability and professional-grade quality, making it a perfect fit for any coffee shop or commercial setting.

The Appia II takes functionality to the next level with a stainless steel swivel hot water spigot and two long stainless steel swivel steam arms with a cool-touch feature for effortless milk frothing. The push-pull steam mechanism further streamlines the barista’s workflow, ensuring a smooth and efficient coffee-making process.

MAPPIA5VOL02 Appia Espresso Coffee Machine stands as a symbol of innovation, boasting an 11-liter boiler and a 3.4 kW power rating, ready to meet the demands of a bustling coffee establishment. Its UL, CSA, and NSF certifications are a testament to its reliability and compliance with safety standards.

Elevate your coffee experience with the Nuova Simonelli Appia II Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Machine – where form meets function and every cup is an unparalleled masterpiece.


  1. Volumetric and Manual Dosing: The Appia II offers the flexibility of both volumetric and manual dosing options, allowing baristas to choose between consistent shot volumes or personalized control over their espresso extractions. This versatility caters to different brewing preferences and ensures the perfect cup of coffee every time.
  2. Advanced Technology: Equipped with soft pre-infusion, the Appia II ensures even saturation of the coffee grounds before extraction, resulting in a more balanced and flavorful espresso. The automatic boiler fill guarantees a continuous supply of hot water, enabling efficient and seamless operation during busy hours.
  3. Built for Durability: Constructed with stainless steel and ABS materials, the Appia II is designed to withstand the rigors of a commercial coffee environment. The raised group heads add to its sturdiness while providing ample space for large cups and portafilters.
  4. Effortless Milk Frothing: The two long stainless steel swivel steam arms with a cool-touch feature make milk frothing a breeze. Baristas can create creamy and velvety microfoam effortlessly, ensuring the perfect texture for lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk-based beverages.
  5. User-Friendly Design: The Appia II features a push-pull steam mechanism, simplifying the barista’s workflow and reducing the learning curve for new users. Its direct plumbing with a drain further streamlines setup and maintenance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free coffee-making experience.



Introducing the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Machine: Elevate Your Coffee Craftsmanship to Perfection

Discover the pinnacle of espresso excellence with the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Machine. Meticulously engineered for precision and performance, this remarkable machine stands as a testament to Italian craftsmanship.

MAUREIIVOL02ND0001 – one of Best Commercial Espresso Machine, the embodiment of coffee sophistication, comes complete with a Free Espresso Starter Kit and 3M water filter, ensuring you have everything you need to embark on your coffee-making journey.

Please note that products with electrical plugs are designed specifically for use in the US. For international destinations, it’s essential to verify outlet compatibility and voltage requirements, and you may need an adapter or converter to ensure seamless functionality.

The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Machine exemplifies the epitome of quality and innovation, raising the bar for baristas and coffee connoisseurs alike.


  1. Precise Volumetric Dosing: The Aurelia II Volumetric offers volumetric dosing, allowing baristas to program and consistently replicate shot volumes. This feature ensures accuracy and consistency in every espresso pour, maintaining the highest quality in each cup.
  2. Exceptional Build Quality: Crafted with Italian precision and attention to detail, the Aurelia II Volumetric boasts a sturdy and durable construction. The machine’s robust design and premium materials ensure long-lasting performance in a demanding commercial setting.
  3. Espresso Starter Kit Included: The package includes a Free Espresso Starter Kit, providing baristas with essential tools and accessories to kickstart their coffee-making journey. This thoughtful inclusion enhances the user experience and streamlines the setup process.
  4. Water Filtration System: With the 3M water filter included, the Aurelia II Volumetric safeguards the machine and enhances the water quality for better-tasting espresso. This filtration system helps reduce scale buildup and ensures the longevity of the machine’s components.
  5. Professional-Grade Performance: Designed for commercial use, the Aurelia II Volumetric delivers professional-grade performance, making it a top choice for coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants. Its advanced features and capabilities empower baristas to craft premium-quality espresso beverages consistently.



Introducing the La Pavoni Bar-Star 2V-R 2-Group Volumetric Commercial Espresso Machine: A Symphony of Precision and Performance in Red

Experience the pinnacle of Italian engineering with the La Pavoni Bar-Star 2V-R 2-Group Volumetric Commercial Espresso Machine – one of Best Commercial Espresso Machine. Unveiling the newest addition to the Bar-Star series, these machines stand as the epitome of technical advancement and automation in la Pavoni’s lineup.

Designed to deliver unparalleled convenience, the Bar-Star machines feature a 4-positions power saver switch, granting you the flexibility to choose between off, sleep, 3/4, and full capacity settings. This innovation results in substantial electrical cost savings without compromising on performance.

Controlled by a digital control pad and microprocessor, the programmable dosing settings provide effortless precision, while manual override capabilities offer complete control over all functions, ensuring a tailored coffee experience for every barista.

Keeping a watchful eye on the brewing process, the dual pressure gauge continuously monitors the constant group and boiler pressure, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.

Ensuring a steady supply of hot water, the espresso machine boasts programmable/automatic hot water delivery, further enhancing its versatility and usability.

Thermal stability is at the heart of the Bar-Star’s design, maintaining a consistent temperature in the groups at all times, ensuring optimal extraction and superior espresso quality.

Incorporating thoughtful features, the machine is equipped with electronic automatic water level control with a sight glass, allowing you to monitor water levels with ease.

Hailing from the coffee capital, Milan, Italy, each Bar-Star 2V-R is a testament to La Pavoni’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.


  1. Volumetric Programmability: The machine offers programmable coffee dosing, allowing baristas to set precise volumes for each shot, ensuring consistency and accuracy in every cup.
  2. Hot Water Delivery: With programmable/automatic hot water delivery, the Bar-Star 2V-R provides quick and convenient access to hot water for tea or other beverages, making it a versatile addition to any coffee shop.
  3. Espresso Volume Settings: The machine features four espresso volume settings per group, catering to different serving sizes and accommodating various customer preferences.
  4. Thermal Stability: The La Pavoni Bar-Star 2V-R maintains consistent group temperature, ensuring stable and reliable brewing conditions for consistently excellent espresso.
  5. Water Softener Included: The inclusion of a water softener reduces the impact of hard water, preventing scale buildup in the machine and enhancing the longevity of its components.


  1. Complex Learning Curve: Due to its advanced features and programmability, the machine may have a steeper learning curve for new users. Baristas may require some time and practice to fully master all the functionalities and settings.



Introducing the Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Evo Pro: Elevate Your Espresso Experience with Italian Craftsmanship

Unleash the true potential of espresso-making with the Gaggia Classic Evo Pro – one of Best Commercial Espresso Machine, a remarkable upgrade to one of the best entry-level semi-automatic espresso machines in the market. Built with a solid steel housing and crafted in Italy, this machine is a true embodiment of durability and precision.

A powerhouse of performance, the Classic Evo Pro now offers 9-bar espresso extraction, making it an outstanding value for espresso enthusiasts. Prepare velvety microfoam perfect for latte art using the commercial steam wand, and achieve expert-level espresso with the commercial-style 58mm portafilter.

Internally, the Classic Evo Pro has undergone enhancements to resist scale buildup, ensuring an extended lifespan for your machine.

The updated stainless steel frame exudes elegance, seamlessly blending with the contours of the drip tray and allowing effortless removal of the water reservoir.

Enhanced pump mounts minimize brewing noise, delivering the same exceptional espresso experience with reduced sound.

Brewing perfection is achieved with the inclusion of an updated Over-Pressure Valve (OPV), ensuring espresso is extracted at the recommended 9-bar pressure by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Premium controls grace the Classic Evo Pro’s panel, featuring three high-quality rocker switches for power, brewing, and steaming. Each switch is accompanied by an indicator light, keeping you informed of the machine’s status at all times.

The Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Evo Pro is the embodiment of Italian craftsmanship and engineering, empowering you to savor every sip of expertly brewed espresso.


  1. Quick Heating: The machine heats up rapidly, allowing you to prepare your espresso and froth milk without unnecessary delays, ensuring a swift coffee-making process.
  2. Excellent Milk Frothing: The steam wand excels in frothing milk, producing velvety microfoam that enhances the taste and presentation of milk-based espresso beverages.
  3. Versatile Espresso Delivery: The option to remove the bottom plate and leak holder reservoir enables convenient direct filling of espresso into a mug, making the process more user-friendly.
  4. Durable Build: The solid steel housing and Italian craftsmanship contribute to the machine’s durability, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable espresso-making experience.
  5. Superior Steam Wand: Users praise the steam wand for its exceptional performance, surpassing the quality of other machines they have used before.


  1. Manual Brew Stop: One notable drawback is that the brew button does not automatically stop the extraction process. This may lead to a surprise and a potential mess if not monitored closely during brewing.



Introducing the PHILIPS Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine: Elevate Your Coffee Experience to New Heights

Discover a world of coffee possibilities with the PHILIPS Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine. Designed to delight coffee enthusiasts, this remarkable machine offers an impressive selection of 15 coffee varieties, ranging from classic Espresso and Cappuccino to specialty drinks like Flat White and Americano.

The intuitive touchscreen interface allows you to effortlessly navigate through the menu and select your desired drink with a simple swipe. Unleash your creativity with the Coffee Equalizer feature, enabling you to customize each beverage to perfection, ensuring a truly personalized coffee experience.

With up to 6 user profiles, you can save everyone’s custom coffee favorites for instant selection. Tailor each profile to individual tastes, down to the finest detail, making each cup a reflection of your unique preferences. It’s one of Best Commercial Espresso Machine.

Indulge in the LatteDuo Milk System, which offers the convenience of preparing and enjoying single or double servings of any coffee recipe with just one touch. From delectable Cappuccinos to creamy Latte Macchiatos, delight in a variety of exquisite coffee creations.

The PHILIPS Saeco Xelsis features double thermo blocks, dedicated to both brewing and steaming, ensuring precise temperature control for every drink in your recipe book. Experience unparalleled craftsmanship in every cup, easily tailored to your taste.

Embrace the art of coffee-making with ease and elegance, crafting 15 different drinks at a touch, thanks to the Coffee Equalizer. Savor the essence of each coffee creation, expertly crafted to satisfy your most demanding coffee cravings.


  1. Versatility: The machine offers a wide range of coffee varieties, providing options for classic espresso lovers and those seeking specialty drinks like Flat White and Americano.
  2. Intuitive Customization: The touchscreen interface with the Coffee Equalizer allows for easy and personalized adjustments, ensuring each cup of coffee is tailored to individual preferences.
  3. User Profiles: With up to 6 user profiles, the machine can store customized coffee settings for multiple users, making it convenient for households with diverse coffee preferences.
  4. LatteDuo Milk System: The ability to prepare both single and double servings of various coffee recipes, including Cappuccinos and Latte Macchiatos, adds convenience and versatility to the coffee-making experience.
  5. Precise Temperature Control: The double thermo blocks dedicated to brewing and steaming ensure accurate temperature control for each drink, contributing to the quality of the coffee.


  1. Expensive: The price point of the PHILIPS Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine may be considered expensive, especially for those who are new to high-end coffee makers or prefer manual brewing methods.


Above is Top 9 Best Commercial Espresso Machine Reviews. Now, let’s see some tips and guides on buying Best Commercial Espresso Machine as below.


Best Commercial Espresso Machine


A commercial espresso machine is a specialized coffee-making appliance designed for high-volume coffee production in commercial settings such as coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and other establishments that serve a large number of customers. These machines are built to handle continuous use throughout the day and deliver consistent, high-quality espresso beverages.

Key characteristics of a commercial espresso machine include:

  1. Construction: Commercial espresso machines are typically constructed with durable materials like stainless steel and have robust internal components to withstand heavy usage and maintain longevity.
  2. Boiler Capacity: Commercial machines feature larger boilers compared to home espresso machines, enabling them to handle continuous brewing and steaming without compromising water temperature and pressure stability.
  3. Group Heads: Commercial machines often have multiple group heads, usually ranging from two to four or more. Each group head serves as a brewing station where the barista prepares espresso shots for multiple orders simultaneously.
  4. Pressure and Temperature Control: Commercial espresso machines have advanced pressure and temperature controls to ensure precise extraction and consistent results for each shot of espresso.
  5. Steam Wands: These machines are equipped with powerful steam wands that can quickly produce steam for frothing milk, essential for creating lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk-based espresso beverages.
  6. Pump System: Commercial espresso machines generally use a powerful rotary pump system, which provides consistent water pressure for consistent extraction and optimal flavor.
  7. Water Line Connectivity: Many commercial espresso machines can be directly connected to a water line, eliminating the need for frequent refilling of water reservoirs.
  8. Programmability: Some advanced commercial machines may offer programmable features, allowing baristas to set specific brewing parameters for different coffee blends and profiles.

Overall, commercial espresso machines are designed to meet the demands of a busy coffee establishment, producing high-quality espresso beverages efficiently and consistently to satisfy the needs of customers in a commercial setting.

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The best commercial espresso machines offer a range of benefits that cater to the needs of businesses in the coffee industry. Here are some key advantages of investing in a top-quality commercial espresso machine:

  1. High Volume Production: The best commercial espresso machines are designed to handle high-volume production efficiently. They can consistently produce multiple shots of espresso and steam milk quickly, allowing businesses to serve a large number of customers during peak hours.
  2. Consistent Quality: These machines are engineered to deliver consistent and precise extraction, ensuring that each shot of espresso maintains the same high-quality taste and aroma. Consistency is crucial for building customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  3. Durable Construction: Top-notch commercial espresso machines are built with durable materials like stainless steel and have robust internal components, making them capable of withstanding heavy daily usage for extended periods.
  4. Customizable Settings: Many high-end commercial machines come with advanced features that allow baristas to customize brewing parameters such as water temperature, pressure, and shot timing. This level of control enables them to create unique and refined coffee profiles.
  5. Fast Steaming: Commercial espresso machines with powerful steam wands can quickly and efficiently froth milk for cappuccinos, lattes, and other milk-based drinks. Fast steaming ensures smooth workflow in a busy coffee shop.
  6. Multiple Group Heads: Best commercial machines often have multiple group heads (two or more), enabling baristas to simultaneously prepare multiple espresso shots, reducing waiting times for customers.
  7. Water Line Connectivity: Many high-quality commercial espresso machines can be directly connected to a water line, eliminating the need for manual water refilling and ensuring a continuous supply for constant operation.
  8. Longevity and Reliability: Investing in a top-rated commercial espresso machine typically means a longer lifespan and increased reliability. These machines are built to endure heavy use and require less maintenance compared to lower-quality models.
  9. Brand Reputation: Using the best commercial espresso machine from reputable brands can enhance the image and reputation of a coffee business. Customers often associate quality equipment with excellent coffee, creating a positive brand image.
  10. Energy Efficiency: Some top-tier commercial machines incorporate energy-saving features, helping businesses reduce their overall operating costs and environmental impact.

Ultimately, the benefits of the best commercial espresso machine contribute to increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and the ability to deliver exceptional coffee experiences, all of which can lead to improved business success and growth.

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The best commercial espresso machines can be categorized into several types based on their specific features, design, and intended use. Here are some common types of commercial espresso machines:

  1. Traditional or Manual Espresso Machines: These machines are the classic and most widely recognized type of commercial espresso machine. They feature manual operation, where the barista controls the entire brewing process, from grinding the coffee to extracting the espresso and frothing milk. Traditional machines provide the most hands-on control and are favored by experienced baristas who value precision in every step of coffee preparation.
  2. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines: Semi-automatic machines retain the manual control over grinding and milk frothing, but they automate the water pump, which controls the water flow during espresso extraction. Baristas have the flexibility to start and stop the extraction process as needed. Semi-automatic machines strike a balance between manual control and automation, making them popular choices in many coffee shops.
  3. Automatic Espresso Machines: Automatic machines further automate the espresso extraction process. These machines are pre-programmed to deliver specific water volumes and shot times, resulting in more consistent espresso shots. The barista only needs to grind the coffee and initiate the brewing process, with the machine handling the rest.
  4. Super Automatic Espresso Machines: Super automatic machines are the pinnacle of automation, offering the highest level of convenience. They handle the entire coffee-making process, from grinding the coffee to brewing the espresso and frothing milk. These machines often come with programmable settings, allowing baristas to customize their drinks and store those preferences for future use.
  5. Dual Boiler Espresso Machines: Dual boiler machines have separate boilers for brewing and steaming, ensuring optimal temperature control for each process. This design allows baristas to pull shots and froth milk simultaneously without sacrificing temperature stability.
  6. Multi-Group Espresso Machines: Commercial espresso machines come with different numbers of group heads, typically ranging from one to four or more. Multi-group machines have two or more group heads, allowing baristas to prepare multiple espresso shots at once, ideal for high-volume coffee establishments.
  7. Pod or Capsule Espresso Machines: While not as commonly used in commercial settings, some businesses opt for pod or capsule machines for their ease of use and consistency. These machines use pre-packaged coffee pods or capsules, simplifying the brewing process.

Each type of best commercial espresso machine offers its own set of benefits and features, catering to the specific needs and preferences of different coffee businesses. The choice of the best type depends on factors such as the volume of coffee production, level of automation desired, and the skill level of the baristas.

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Before buying the best commercial espresso machine, there are several crucial factors to consider to ensure you choose the right machine for your specific business needs. Here are some important considerations:

  1. Volume and Capacity: Determine the expected daily coffee demand in your establishment. Choose a machine with the appropriate capacity and output to meet the expected volume without compromising on the quality of coffee.
  2. Type of Espresso Machine: Decide on the type of commercial espresso machine that suits your business requirements. Consider factors such as the level of automation desired, the number of group heads needed, and the skill level of your baristas.
  3. Budget: Set a realistic budget for your espresso machine purchase. High-quality commercial machines can be a significant investment, but they often offer greater durability and performance, leading to long-term cost savings.
  4. Brand and Reputation: Research reputable brands known for manufacturing reliable and high-quality commercial espresso machines. Brands with a good reputation often provide better customer support and warranties.
  5. Space and Layout: Consider the available space in your coffee shop or establishment. Ensure the selected machine fits comfortably in your designated coffee preparation area and allows smooth workflow for your baristas.
  6. Water Source: Determine whether your business can connect the espresso machine directly to a water line or if a machine with a built-in water reservoir is more suitable.
  7. Features and Customization: Evaluate the machine’s features and customization options. Look for machines with programmable settings, temperature control, and adjustable shot times to cater to different coffee blends and preferences.
  8. Maintenance and Cleaning: Consider the ease of maintenance and cleaning. Commercial espresso machines require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure consistent performance and longevity.
  9. Energy Efficiency: Look for machines with energy-saving features, as they can help reduce operating costs and environmental impact over time.
  10. Training and Support: Assess the availability of training resources and customer support from the manufacturer or distributor. Adequate training ensures your baristas can maximize the machine’s capabilities and produce the best coffee.
  11. Reviews and Testimonials: Read customer reviews and testimonials to gain insights into real-world experiences with the machine you are considering. This can help you understand the machine’s performance and reliability from the perspective of other users.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the best commercial espresso machine that aligns with your business goals and enhances the coffee experience for your customers.

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Using the best commercial espresso machine requires attention to detail and precision to consistently produce high-quality espresso. Here are the general steps to use a commercial espresso machine:

  1. Preparation: a. Ensure the espresso machine is properly connected to a power source and water supply. b. Check that the machine’s water reservoir or water line is filled with fresh, filtered water. c. Turn on the machine and allow it to warm up to the optimal brewing temperature, usually indicated by a light or display.
  2. Grind Coffee Beans: a. Use a high-quality burr grinder to grind fresh coffee beans to the appropriate fineness for espresso. The grind size should resemble fine table salt.
  3. Portafilter Preparation: a. Remove the portafilter from the group head and wipe it clean to remove any old coffee grounds or debris. b. Insert the appropriate amount of freshly ground coffee into the portafilter basket. The amount may vary depending on your machine and the desired espresso shot size.
  4. Tamping: a. Use a tamper to evenly compress the coffee grounds in the portafilter. Apply firm and consistent pressure to create an even coffee bed.
  5. Insert Portafilter: a. Place the portafilter back into the group head, ensuring it locks securely in place. b. Position the cup(s) or shot glasses underneath the portafilter spouts to catch the espresso.
  6. Brewing: a. Initiate the espresso extraction process. For manual machines, start the pump by using the brew switch or lever. For automatic machines, select the desired coffee volume and press the appropriate button.
  7. Espresso Extraction: a. The espresso should start to flow through the portafilter into the cup(s). b. The ideal espresso shot should have a consistent flow, resembling a thick and creamy stream with golden-brown crema on top.
  8. Monitoring and Timing: a. Keep an eye on the espresso extraction time. The standard extraction time for a double shot is around 25 to 30 seconds. Adjust the grind size or tamping pressure if needed to achieve the desired extraction time.
  9. Milk Steaming (if applicable): a. If you’re making milk-based drinks like cappuccinos or lattes, use the steam wand to froth and steam milk to your desired texture and temperature.
  10. Serve and Clean: a. Serve the freshly brewed espresso immediately to preserve its flavor and aroma. b. After use, remove the portafilter and knock out the used coffee grounds into a knock box or waste bin. c. Rinse and clean the portafilter and steam wand to remove any milk residue. d. Regularly backflush and clean the machine to prevent coffee oils and residue buildup.

Remember that using a best commercial espresso machine requires practice and skill. Baristas should undergo training to ensure consistent and excellent results with each cup of espresso they prepare.

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Cleaning a commercial espresso machine is essential to maintain its performance, ensure the quality of the coffee, and prolong its lifespan. Here are the steps to clean the best commercial espresso machine:

  1. Daily Cleaning Routine: a. Backflushing: If your machine has a three-way solenoid valve, perform backflushing with a specialized blind filter basket and a cleaning agent designed for espresso machines. This process cleans the group heads, removing coffee oils and residue. b. Wipe Down: Wipe down the exterior of the machine, including the steam wands and portafilter handles, with a damp cloth to remove any coffee or milk splatters.
  2. Group Head Cleaning: a. Remove the portafilter and clean the group head gasket with a nylon brush to remove any coffee grounds or buildup. b. Run the water through the group head to rinse any remaining residue.
  3. Steam Wand Cleaning: a. After each use, purge the steam wand to remove any milk residue. Wipe the wand with a damp cloth to prevent milk buildup.
  4. Drip Tray and Water Reservoir Cleaning: a. Daily, remove and empty the drip tray to avoid overflow and potential spillage. b. Clean and rinse the drip tray and water reservoir with warm soapy water regularly.
  5. Weekly Cleaning Routine: a. Remove and Clean Shower Screens: Remove the shower screens from the group heads and soak them in a solution of hot water and a coffee machine cleaning agent. Scrub away any coffee oils and residues with a brush. b. Clean Portafilters and Baskets: Soak the portafilters and baskets in a mixture of hot water and a coffee machine cleaning agent. Scrub and rinse them thoroughly.
  6. Monthly or Periodic Cleaning: a. Decalcification: If your machine uses a water reservoir, descale the machine periodically to remove mineral buildup. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the appropriate descaling solution and process. b. Deep Cleaning: Schedule a deep cleaning of the machine, which may involve dismantling certain components for a thorough cleaning. Consult the machine’s manual or seek professional assistance for this task.
  7. Water Filtration: a. If your machine has a water filtration system, replace the filters as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain water quality.

Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for cleaning and maintenance. Proper and regular cleaning will ensure that your best commercial espresso machine operates optimally and consistently produces high-quality coffee. If you are unsure about any cleaning procedure, consider seeking guidance from the manufacturer or a qualified technician.

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Starbucks uses a variety of espresso machines across its stores worldwide, depending on the location and specific requirements. However, one of the most commonly used espresso machines at Starbucks is the Mastrena Super-Automatic Espresso Machine.

The Mastrena is a high-performance super-automatic espresso machine designed specifically for Starbucks by Thermoplan AG, a Swiss company that specializes in manufacturing commercial coffee equipment. The Mastrena is known for its efficiency, reliability, and consistency in producing high-quality espresso and coffee beverages.

It’s important to note that Starbucks continuously updates its equipment and may use different espresso machines in different locations or over time. Therefore, the specific espresso machine used at your local Starbucks may vary. Additionally, new equipment might have been introduced since my last update.

If you are interested in finding out the most current information on the espresso machines used at Starbucks, I recommend checking directly with Starbucks or visiting one of their stores to inquire about the equipment they are currently using.

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Starbucks uses a signature espresso blend called “Espresso Roast” for its espresso-based beverages. Espresso Roast is a proprietary blend of different coffee beans carefully selected and roasted to create the unique flavor profile that Starbucks is known for.

The Espresso Roast is a dark roasted blend that features a rich and bold flavor with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and toasted nuts. It is designed to provide a consistent and distinctive taste in all of Starbucks’ espresso-based drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos.

It’s worth noting that Starbucks sources its coffee beans from various regions around the world, and their coffee offerings may vary by location and season. However, the Espresso Roast is a core element of their espresso-based beverage menu and is used in most of their stores globally.

If you want to learn about the most current espresso offerings and blends at Starbucks, I recommend checking their official website or visiting a local Starbucks store for the latest information on their coffee menu.

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Starbucks Espresso, like traditional espresso, is made from freshly ground coffee beans and hot water forced under pressure to create a concentrated and rich coffee shot. The specific blend used for Starbucks Espresso is known as “Espresso Roast,” which is a proprietary blend crafted by Starbucks to achieve a distinct flavor profile.

The Espresso Roast blend typically consists of a combination of high-quality coffee beans sourced from various regions around the world. These beans are carefully selected, and the blend is dark roasted to create a bold and robust flavor with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and toasted nuts.

Starbucks Espresso is prepared using an espresso machine, where the freshly ground coffee is tamped into a portafilter and placed in the machine. Hot water is then forced through the packed coffee grounds under high pressure, extracting the flavors and oils from the beans to produce a concentrated shot of espresso.

The resulting Starbucks Espresso shot is the foundation for various espresso-based beverages, such as lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos. Depending on the specific drink, milk, steamed or frothed, may be added to create different coffee concoctions that cater to various taste preferences.

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Using the best commercial espresso machine effectively requires attention to detail and proper technique. Here are some essential tips to help you make the most of your commercial espresso machine:

  1. Preheat the Machine: Allow the espresso machine to fully preheat before use. This ensures that the brewing temperature is stable and consistent, resulting in better espresso extraction.
  2. Use Fresh Coffee Beans: Always use freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee beans for the best flavor. Avoid using stale or pre-ground coffee, as it can negatively impact the taste of the espresso.
  3. Grind Size and Tamping: Adjust the grind size of the coffee beans according to your machine and desired shot time. Use a quality burr grinder to achieve the appropriate grind size, and tamp the coffee grounds evenly and firmly into the portafilter.
  4. Clean and Maintain Regularly: Clean the espresso machine daily, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Pay special attention to the group heads, shower screens, portafilters, and steam wands. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and longevity.
  5. Water Quality: Use filtered water to ensure that the water quality does not affect the taste of the espresso. Hard water or water with impurities can lead to scale buildup and affect the machine’s components.
  6. Preinfusion: Some commercial machines offer preinfusion settings. Experiment with preinfusion times to achieve a more even and balanced extraction, enhancing the flavors of the espresso.
  7. Dose and Yield: Measure the dose of coffee consistently for each shot, and pay attention to the espresso yield (the amount of liquid extracted). Adjust the dose and yield to achieve the desired taste and strength.
  8. Steaming Milk: Master the art of steaming milk to create smooth and velvety microfoam for milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Proper milk steaming enhances the overall coffee experience.
  9. Practice and Consistency: Consistency is key to producing high-quality espresso consistently. Train your baristas to use the machine correctly and maintain the same techniques for every shot.
  10. Calibrate and Adjust: Regularly calibrate and adjust your commercial espresso machine to ensure it is functioning optimally. This includes checking and adjusting the water temperature, pressure, and other settings.
  11. Record and Analyze: Keep records of your espresso shots, including dose, yield, and extraction times. Analyzing the data can help identify patterns and improve your coffee-making techniques.
  12. Training and Education: Provide ongoing training and education to your baristas. Knowledgeable and skilled baristas can make a significant difference in the quality of the espresso and other coffee beverages.

By following these tips and continuously refining your techniques, you can create consistently excellent espresso and offer a delightful coffee experience to your customers.

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Here are some popular coffee recipes that you can prepare using the best commercial espresso machine:

  1. Espresso Shot:
    • 1 shot (about 1 ounce) of freshly brewed espresso
    • Serve in a demitasse cup or shot glass.
  2. Espresso Macchiato:
    • 1 shot of espresso
    • A small dollop of frothed milk on top of the espresso.
  3. Cappuccino:
    • 1 shot of espresso
    • Equal parts steamed milk and frothed milk (about 1/3 of each).
    • Top with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon.
  4. Latte:
    • 1 shot of espresso
    • Steamed milk (about 2/3 of the cup) with a thin layer of frothed milk on top.
  5. Mocha:
    • 1 shot of espresso
    • Steamed milk (about 2/3 of the cup)
    • 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup or melted chocolate
    • Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings (optional).
  6. Americano:
    • 1-2 shots of espresso
    • Hot water to fill the cup.
  7. Flat White:
    • 1 shot of espresso
    • Equal parts steamed milk and velvety microfoam (about 1/3 of each).
  8. Iced Latte:
    • 1-2 shots of espresso
    • Cold milk or milk alternative (about 2/3 of the cup)
    • Add ice and stir.
  9. Affogato:
    • 1 shot of espresso
    • A scoop of vanilla or your favorite gelato or ice cream.
  10. Macadamia Nut Latte:
    • 1 shot of espresso
    • Steamed milk infused with macadamia nut syrup (adjust sweetness to taste).
    • Top with whipped cream and crushed macadamia nuts.

Feel free to customize these recipes to suit your taste preferences and experiment with different syrups, flavorings, and milk alternatives. With a commercial espresso machine, you have the versatility to create a wide range of delicious coffee beverages that will delight your customers. Enjoy your coffee-making journey!

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Using a best commercial espresso machine can be a bit challenging, and even experienced baristas can make mistakes. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when using the best commercial espresso machine:

  1. Inconsistent Tamping: Inconsistent tamping can lead to uneven coffee extraction. Make sure to tamp the coffee grounds evenly and with consistent pressure to ensure uniformity.
  2. Incorrect Grind Size: Using the wrong grind size can result in over-extraction or under-extraction of the coffee, leading to bitter or weak-tasting espresso. Adjust the grind size based on the shot time and taste.
  3. Over-Extraction or Under-Extraction: Over-extracted espresso is too bitter, and under-extracted espresso is sour and weak. Properly adjust the brewing time and grind size to achieve a balanced extraction.
  4. Not Preheating the Machine: Failing to preheat the machine adequately can result in inconsistent espresso shots. Allow the machine to reach the optimal brewing temperature before making espresso.
  5. Neglecting Machine Cleaning: Regular cleaning is crucial for maintaining the machine’s performance and preventing coffee oils and residue buildup. Failure to clean the machine regularly can affect the taste of the espresso and cause malfunctions.
  6. Inadequate Milk Steaming: Improper milk steaming can result in poor-quality foam or burnt milk. Master the technique of steaming milk to create smooth and creamy microfoam.
  7. Ignoring Water Quality: Water quality affects the taste of the espresso. Using unfiltered or hard water can lead to scale buildup and impact the machine’s functionality.
  8. Overheating Milk: Overheating milk can make it taste burnt and affect the texture of the foam. Pay attention to the milk’s temperature and stop steaming when it reaches the desired level.
  9. Neglecting Shot Timing: Keeping track of the shot timing is essential for consistency. Too short or too long extraction times can affect the flavor of the espresso.
  10. Inadequate Training: Baristas who lack proper training may not utilize the machine effectively, leading to inconsistent results. Invest in thorough training for your staff to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge.
  11. Using Stale Coffee Beans: Using stale or old coffee beans will result in a lackluster espresso flavor. Always use freshly roasted beans for the best taste.
  12. Rushing the Process: Making great espresso takes time and attention to detail. Rushing the process can lead to mistakes and compromises in quality.

By being mindful of these common mistakes and investing time in training and maintenance, you can maximize the performance of your best commercial espresso machine and consistently produce excellent espresso shots and coffee beverages.

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Best Commercial Espresso Machine

1. Question 1: How do I know the right grind size for my commercial espresso machine?

A1: The right grind size for your commercial espresso machine depends on various factors, including the type of machine, coffee blend, and desired extraction time. Generally, for espresso machines, a fine grind resembling table salt works well. However, it’s essential to experiment with different grind settings and adjust based on the shot time and taste profile.

2. Question 2: How often should I clean the group heads of the espresso machine?

A2: It is recommended to clean the group heads of the espresso machine at least once a day, preferably at the beginning and end of each day’s service. Regular cleaning prevents coffee oils and residue buildup, ensuring consistent and flavorful espresso shots.

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3. Question 3: Why is preheating the espresso machine important?

A3: Preheating the espresso machine is crucial to ensure a stable and consistent brewing temperature. By allowing the machine to reach the proper temperature, the espresso extraction will be more precise, resulting in better-tasting coffee.

4. Question 4: How can I avoid over-extraction or under-extraction of espresso?

A4: To avoid over-extraction or under-extraction, focus on adjusting the grind size and shot time. A balanced extraction typically takes around 25-30 seconds. If the shot is too fast, the grind may be too coarse, leading to under-extraction. If the shot is too slow, the grind may be too fine, causing over-extraction.

5. Question 5: Can I use regular tap water for my commercial espresso machine?

A5: It is recommended to use filtered water or a water softener to improve the water quality and avoid scale buildup inside the machine. Regular tap water may contain minerals that can affect the taste of the espresso and the performance of the machine.

You can refer Top 9 Best Commercial Espresso Machine Reviews as above.

6. Question 6: How can I steam milk properly for milk-based coffee drinks?

A6: To steam milk properly, start with cold milk and position the steam wand just below the surface. Submerge the wand fully and angle the pitcher to create a whirlpool effect. Stop steaming when the milk reaches the desired temperature (usually around 150-160°F) and has a velvety microfoam texture.

7. Question 7: How often should I descale my commercial espresso machine?

A7: The frequency of descaling depends on the hardness of your water. In areas with hard water, it’s recommended to descale the machine every 1-3 months. In areas with soft water, descaling can be done every 3-6 months. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for descaling solutions and procedures.

8. Question 8: What is the ideal pressure for a commercial espresso machine?

A8: The ideal brewing pressure for a commercial espresso machine is typically around 9 bars, as recommended by the Specialty Coffee Association. Proper pressure ensures optimal extraction and the best flavor in the espresso shot.

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In conclusion, using the best commercial espresso machine requires attention to detail, proper training, and consistent maintenance. By avoiding common mistakes, such as inconsistent tamping, incorrect grind size, and neglecting machine cleaning, baristas can create exceptional espresso shots and coffee beverages.

Preheating the machine, using fresh coffee beans, and paying attention to water quality are essential factors in achieving consistent and flavorful results. Proper milk steaming techniques and shot timing also play a significant role in crafting excellent milk-based drinks.

Investing in barista training and regular machine maintenance ensures that the espresso machine performs optimally, providing customers with consistently high-quality coffee experiences.

By following best practices, utilizing quality coffee beans, and being attentive to the brewing process, baristas can unlock the full potential of their best commercial espresso machine and elevate the coffee offerings in their establishment.

Remember, making great espresso is both an art and a science, and with dedication and passion, baristas can master the art of espresso-making, delighting coffee enthusiasts with every sip. Cheers to a delicious cup of espresso!

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